Mike Guevara: A Williamson County Leader who will fight for our conservative values in the Texas House of Representatives.

Meet Mike Guevara

Longtime Hill Country Resident

Mike is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law and moved to Cedar Park in January 2001. While living in Cedar Park, Mike attended Hill Country Nazarene Church where he met Amy, whom he married in 2007. Together, Mike and Amy attend Hill Country Bible Church with their children Chloe and Anthony.

Pro-Life Leader

Mike is a leader in the pro-life movement. Mike serves on the Hope Pregnancy Resource Center board and previously served on the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center (now Trotter House). Mike is the founder of Williamson County’s Adoption Day and helps families navigate the legal field during the adoption process.

Second Amendment Supporter

Mike is an advocate for the right to defend yourself and understands the Second Amendment secures the other amendments. Both Mike and Amy have their License to Carry.

Community Servant

Mike is a devoted public servant who volunteered as Youth Pastor at Hill Country Nazarene Church. There, he helped create the Reveal Resource Center, a community food pantry. Mike previously worked as the advising attorney to Judge Edna Staudt’s Teen Court. Mike also coached defense for the Hill Country Christian School’s Knights football team.

Small Business Owner

Mike is a small business owner who understands that government regulations, heavy tax burdens, and bureaucratic red tape stop economic growth.

Movement Conservative

Mike is a movement conservative who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the right to life. As your State Representative, Mike will be a leader for the conservative values that make Texas great!

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